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Hello and welcome to our SEN information webpage.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Mrs Amanda Armstrong and I have just joined the school as Deputy Headteacher and one of my key responsibilities is to lead on the provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs.

As you may know this responsibility is called the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). The main responsibility of the SENCo is to take the lead on implementing the best practice in meeting the needs of pupils with a range of SEN across school, taking in to account current initiatives and/or research. This includes monitoring the progress of pupils with SEN and supporting our teaching staff in maintaining a high standard of quality first provision for our children.  This involves a regular and frequent system of monitoring and reviewing:


  • the strategic direction and development of SEN provision in this school


  • the quality of teaching and learning which we deliver to our children with SEN


  • the leading and management of our staff to support the needs of our children who have    SEN


  • the efficient and effective deployment of staff and other resources to support our children with SEN



Our aims as a school in meeting these responsibilities are:

  • to promote inclusion (in the broadest sense) of all our children


  • to ensure that every child’s needs are met through our culture (ie the way we behave and do things), agreed practices, procedures and our management and deployment of resources


  • to facilitate early identification, assessment and provision for all children with special educational needs


  • to ensure that all children receive a broad and balanced curriculum which is tailored to develop their individual abilities


  • to consider the wishes and views of the child as well as the views of their parents


  • to ensure that parents of children with SEN are encouraged to work in partnership with professionals


You may be aware the processes and procedures for supporting children with SEN have been revised under the Children and Families Act 2014. The SEN Code of Practice (2014) reflects the changes introduced by the Act.

I have prepared detailed information for parents and carers through our School Information Report and through the general guide to the SEN Code of Practice and the link to the Local Authority ‘Local Offer’.

I hope that you find the information on our website useful. If you have any questions about the provision your child receives, please talk to the class teacher in the first instance and I look forward to meeting you to support your child’s needs over this coming year.